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Health New England (HNE) Be Healthy
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HNE Performance Specifications


Section 1
MHServices A-11.Sec 1.Inpatient MH Services
DisordersServices A-11.Sec 1.Inpatient Eating Disorders Services
SvsForPersonsWMR A-11.Sec 1.Inpatient MH Svcs for Persons with MR
SvsForChildAdolWMRPDD A-11.Sec 1.Inpatient MH Svcs for Child Adol with MR PDD
Inpatient A-11.Sec 1.Inpatient Substance Abuse Services Level-IV
ObservationBeds A-11.Sec 1.Observation Beds up to 24 Hrs

Section 2
Sec2Image1 A-11.Sec 2.CBAT
Sec2Image2 A-11.Sec 2.Adult CCS
Sec2Image3 A-11.Sec 2.PHP
Sec2Image4 A-11.Sec 2.PHP for Eating Disorders
Sec2Image5 A-11.Sec 2.CSP
Sec2Image6 A-11.Sec 2.Psychiatric Day Treatment
Sec2Image7 A-11.Sec 2.Enhanced Psychiatric Day Treatment
Sec2Image8 A-11.Sec 2.ATS Level III A
Sec2Image9 A-11.Sec 2.ATS for Pregnant Women
Sec2Image10 A-11.Sec 2.E-ATS
Sec2Image11 A-11.Sec 2.Clinical Stabilization Services for Substance
    Abuse (CSS) Level III.5

Section 3
Sec3Image1 A-11.Sec 3.IOP
Sec3Image2 A-11.Sec 3.IOP Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Sec3Image3 A-11.Sec 3.Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Sec3Image4 A-11.Sec 3.SOAP
Sec3Image5 A-11.Sec 3.SOAP with MI
Sec3Image6 A-11.Sec 3.Enhanced SOAP for Homeless
Sec3Image7 A-11.Sec 3.Enhanced SOAP for Adolescents

Section 4
Sec4Image1 A-11.Sec 4.Outpatient Services
Sec4Image2 A-11.Sec 4.Outpatient Services Home-Based
Sec4Image3 A-11.Sec 4.Outpatient Sevices School-Based
Sec4Image4 A-11.Sec 4.Psych Consult on a Med Unit
Sec4Image5 A-11.Sec 4.ASAP
Sec4Image6 A-11.Sec 4.Family Support and Training (FS&T)
Sec4Image7 A-11.Sec 4.In-Home Behavioral Services (IHBS)
Sec4Image8 A-11.Sec 4.Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)
Sec4Image9 A-11.Sec 4.Therapeutic Mentoring (TM)
Sec4Image10 A-11.Sec 4.In-Home Therapy (IHT)

Section 5
Sec5Image1 A-11.Sec 5.Acupunture Treatment
Sec5Image2 A-11.Sec 5.Opioid Replacement Therapy
Sec5Image3 A-11.Sec 5.Ambulatory Detoxification

Section 6
Sec6Image1 A-11.Sec 6.ECT
Sec6Image2 A-11.Sec 6.Psychological Testing

Section 7
Sec7Image1 A-11.Sec 7.ESP
Sec7Image2 A-11.Sec 7.MCI

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